No woman wants install bad quality hair wigs

The famous ‘cliché äCll am not my hair’ derived from lyrics by India Arie have paved way for many girls to believe in the essence of having a flawless hairdo. Ladies really love good hairdo. A quick visual survey of the women in the streets will reveal that majority will prefer a well woven weave to the natural look. The weave culture is rapidly infiltrating the modern woman’s preferences today, and for ladies who are looking to exhibit flawless exotic hair extensions, Brazilian hair in not far from the solution-Brazilian hair is, without a doubt gorgeous, and many women across the globe today are resorting to human Brazilian hair extensions, deliberately disregarding its counterparts. But why is this so? What merits does this type of hair hold over other similar ones such as the Peruvian and Malaysian? Stereotypically, many believed that the hair types shipped in from overseas were counterfeit, up until recently. Brazilian hair has its origins (as the name suggests) from the pacific of Brazil.
It is typically made up of pure Human Brazilian Hair, hence its versatility in its color and the different ways to manipulate it to your desire. In South Africa, Brazilian hair is one of the most popular forms of hairdo adopted and rightfully so, seeing that virgin Brazilian hair has numerous advantages over others.
human brazilian hair1. Versatility. The fact that you can use Brazilian hair in a variety of hair styles is one factor that has led to its immense demand in the hair market today. Virgin Brazilian has been known to make several different hair formulas. From wavy to straight to curvy patterns, Brazilian hair has it all covered. The fact that this hair extensions can blend well with most natural ethnic hair textures only makes it more demanding.
2. Durability. No lady wants to have hair which depletes as soon as it is faced with some form of adversity. Original Brazilian hair has sustainability of over a year if properly cared for. There is less shedding and tangling, and its lack of synthetics only makes for a stronger and longer lasting hair.
3. Soft texture-Brazilian hair is typically soft in nature. This luxurious texture has become highly demanding, particularly with the upper class women who wish to display their suave and stature in society. That aside, shedding and hair fizzing are rare occurrences as far as Brazilian hair is concerned.
4. Diverse applications. No two ladies want to look exactly the same. It is quite simply diminishing. The fact that Brazilian hair comes on many different textures and colors probably explains why it is so popular among women today. This makes it the ultimate multi- purpose hair.5. Attractive. The smooth and shiny nature of Brazilian hair is appealing to a female eye. In short, Brazilian hair is simply beautiful to wear. And who doesn’t want to look stunning? The Brazilian loose wave, for example, not only brings out the natural feel to the original hair, but also maintains a natural look.


Popular African celebrities such as Tanzanian sensation Vanessa Mdee have featured exotic hairstyles in their music videos, all courtesy of the Brazilian hair and it has paid dividends. Many young fans who look up to these celebrities as icons resort to similar hair styles, ultimately making the Brazilian hair an African favorite. While there is emerging a disturbing trend of counterfeit Brazilian hair in the market today, there are several ways to distinguish authentic from fraud. Recent reports revealed illicit Brazilian hair wholesalers who have resorted to making slight alterations to other hair types (such as the Malaysian and Peruvian) to somehow replicate the Brazilian brand. This has been an issue in recent times although the most suitable way to avoid getting snubbed is to get the Brazilian hair bundles from legit wholesale traders, locally or abroad Brazilian hair also tends to retain its shiny nature despite washing. This is one of its benefits for its reknown authenticity. No woman wants install bad quality hair wigs. BrazilianHairNew provide the latest 100% virgin brazilian hair bundles. Its increasing popularity has made it easier to access worldwide, and there is therefore no excuse to walk around in dilapidated hair.

Beauty Tips For You, Makeup for Healthier Skin

1 steady your hand

Wearing Mineral Makeup has many benefits. Don’t get me wrong: we are all naturally beautiful and we should be happy with who we are. But wearing makeup doesn’t necessarily undermine this natural beauty and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not comfortable in our own skim Quite the contrary, wearing make up projects confidence and professionalism. It shows that we take the time and effort to take care of ourselves, and go out with our brightest smile. This is why it’s very important to use the right make up that’s natural and not toxic. Mineral make up has been a popular alternative to foundation for many years. It’s free of the chemical dyes, preservatives and talc that are found in the more commonly used makeup. Not only that, it also allows your skin to breathe. It’s basically a guilt-free product that’s great for your skin!

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Choosing the Mineral Makeup for Your Skin.

Shop around for a great mineral makeup brand and brushes. Go to stores and try out the brands on your skin to get the right match for you. Make sure that you get advice on getting the shade that’s perfect for your complexion Remember to avoid brands that irritate your skim Soft kabuki brushes are especially good at keeping your skin soft and smooth.

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Mineral Makeup for Perfect Looking Skin.
1.)Before you do anything else, make sure that your face is clean and moisturized.
2.) Pour a very small amount of the mineral makeup powder into its cap and dip the brush lightly in it. Remember that you can always dip it again if needed. If your brush catches too much powder, give it a good tap.
3.) Apply the brush to your face very lightly. Start from the center in circular motions and move outwards.
4.) Apply setting powder for longer lasting makeup.
5.) Brush some mineral makeup around your jawline and neck for consistency of shade.
6.) When you need to remove your make up, simply wash it off gently or use a very mild cleanser. Mineral makeup is not thick like traditional foundations and comes off easily.

To get perfect the skin, the first thing you need to do is to take care of it. Mineral makeup is excellent for its natural ingredients and mildness on the skim Remember to choose healthy products that benefit you in the long run.

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Keep Your Hair Straight All Day!

So, you’ve put in the effort to straighten your hair. For me, this is no easy feat; my hair is long,thick, and that awful not-curly-more-like-poofy consistency that is pretty much impossible to tame. For straight hair that lasts all day and into the night, these steps are a small sacrifice for fabulous hair that’s long-lasting.

1.Blow dry your hair: Letting hair air dry will never be as sleek as blowing it straight! Make sure to use a heat protector spray before blowing your hair from the top down on medium or high heat. I like to use my fingers to separate tangles all over my head, and a round brush to tame my bangs and hair that frames my face!
2. Separate your hair into sections prior to straightening: Use a clip to section off small pieces of hair, starting from the bottom of your head and working your way towards the top. I use sections about half an inch wide, and run my flat iron over each section twice.
3. Use a smoothing serum: Once you’ve finished going over your whole head in tiny sections with a flat iron, it’s time to apply a smoothing serum. I tend to use less than is recommended on the bottle, as I don’t want my freshly straightened hair to appear greasy. Rub about a dime-sized drop between your hands and run your hands through your hair from tip to root.

4. Hairspray! This step is essential for long-lasting straightness. Apply a generous all-over spray of lightweight medium hold hairspray.

I’ve found the combination of these steps to be the magic formula to tame my unruly mane. To keep your hair looking great all day, refresh the roots if needed with a spray-in dry shampoo. Lastly, if you need to tie your hair back during the day,use a scrunchy rather than an elastic to avoid a pony-tail kink.

Wishing you a great hair day!

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Washing A Cotton Sweater

Cotton is by far the best natural fiber extensively used in making cloth. Having a cotton cloth is one thing and the pros of owning it another. In the next few minutes of reading the article, an overview of washing a cotton sweater will be provided and the benefits of having cotton clothing explained.


1.First look at the sweater’s label suggestion to determine the mode of washing. This is to prevent washing your cloth by machine since some are not cut out to be washed by it.
2.Turn the sweater inside out to avoid incidences of pilling when machine washing it.
3.Let your washer fill with water and afterwards, pour detergent into the detergent dispenser.
4.Put your cotton sweater with other items and set the washer’s temperature to cold to reduce shrinking especially if they are bright-colored. For light-colored ones, wash in warm water.
5.Close the washer’s lid and set it at delicate or gentle setting.
6.Lay out the cotton sweater flat to let it air dry and remove stiffness.

The health benefits of having a cotton cloth are so lucrative. Here’s is a natural fiber and hence is less toxic than the synthetic ones which are treated with chemicals that are absorbed into the skin and off to the bloodstream. It rarely causes allergies’ The reason why most under-clothes are made of cotton is because cotton is soft and comfy. It stretches too without irritation.*Cotton is breathable.*Cotton can be worn at any weather period. Cotton fabric can shield against heat and also cold conditions since it has the capability to trap a layer of air in between its fibers.36513067_011_b

Cotton clothing is good and so is a cotton sweater. Washing one is manageable and it is advantageous as seen above. If you don’t have one, hurry up to a clothing store and buy yourself one.
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How to buy socks- A simple guide


Most of us assume that socks are worn to keep our feet warm. This is true but it is not the only reason Socks help to protect your feet from abrasions, keep your joints cushioned and also maintain the proper moisture in your feet. In order to get these benefits, you need to know how to buy socks. It is a simple activity but the next time you are out shopping for socks, look out for these features.

The material- cotton is more absorbent and will help eliminate bacteria within the feet. Socks that have more density are also ideal as they keep your feet dry and maintain the right amount of moisture. The denser socks offer a firm support for your heels for a good period of time as they do not wear out as fast as regular socks.

Heel reinforcement- buy pairs that have extra cushion on the heels and toes. They minimize abrasions and you are guaranteed these areas will not wear out for a long time.

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Size and fitting- some suggest that one pair fits all but it may not be true. People have different feet some wider or narrower than others. They will have different fittings and will cause blisters if they are too loose or too tight. A good pair of socks has the size chart clearly explained and you can choose your fit based on the description provided.

Cushion and heel support- this feature plays a big role in the durability and joint support. A good cushion on the heel reduces the stress on the heels meaning you will be less tired from walking at the end of the day.

Once you find the right pair of socks for you, ensure you practice good hygiene and give proper care to your shoes; the two go hand in hand.

How to Buy Socks That are Good for Your Feet

There are many kinds of socks out there. Here we will explore some mistakes people make when buying socks. Also different types of socks will be listed that are good for you and why. It is important to know these things before purchase a pair of socks. Here you will learn how to buy socks that are GOOD for your feet!

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The first question to ask always is what is my need? Is it just for style or to help a health problem or to prevent one? Even if it is for fashion reasons, it is still important that you buy a pair of socks that fits you well. This means you are looking for one in your proper size and snugs the shape of your foot. (River Socks are a brand that does this as well as offer wicking. Wicking repels water from skin instead of absorbing it like cotton.

This can cause foot odor and bacteria to form as material isn’t breathable). You will not find this most likely with a cheap pair of socks. Cheap ones are ill fitting, one pair fits many sizes, are poorly made, not durable so rip easily. Not good to walk around with holes in socks. Synthetic blends wick sweat. Socks athletes use are made of synthetics but can get expensive. Nylon ones are a good option.

Warm wool socks will keep your feet warm on a snowy, cold day. It is advisable; however to layer them with an inside pair of thin nylon socks as feet can sweat, especially with boots om Even with warm socks and boots your feet could still be cold, otherwise. Diabetic socks are used by diabetics with or without wounds. It is serious that they keep feet clean at all times, especially if do have wounds like an ulcer. With the wrong socks, they could loose sensation in their legs and be susceptible to legs ulcers, infection and amputation.


Compression socks are good for people with venous problems in legs. Especially susceptible are plane travelers. They can develop blood clots without even knowing it that can be deadly. Support socks, formerly known as ‘support hose’, help with circulation of the blood, relief of swollen feet by removing water build up in ankles and legs. Also if on feet a lot through day, helps legs from feeling tired. there are also orthotic socks to help people with problems with their feet as offer padding and support. For more on how to buy socks that are good for your feet, click on link. It gives you detailed information on the different socks out there designed especially for you and your needs!

Why cotton is preferred material for socks


Cotton, wool, nylon are used in almost every clothing, and they are used in making socks too, cotton comes from a cotton plant, cotton is soft, absorbs water, folded easily and cotton is light and cool, Wool is gathered from sheep’s, is stretchable, unlike cotton wool can’t be folded and comes back to the shape, it can absorb water easily and is soft, wool has the ability to breath, which is why it is preferred to wear in the winter to keep it warm and if you rub the wool it can pick up statistic electricity easily, now to the nylon, nylon comes from coal, nylon is tough, shiny, stretchable and melts, nylon is non-absorbent, quick at drying, doesn’t wrinkle, nylon is cool and clammy, with this features mentioned we can decide why manufacturing industries choose different material for socks, and each has different reasons, and each material will meet different consumer needs. So why is cotton more preferable?


Socks are wore on feet and feet are always in a isolated area, in your shoes, at least for the most of the time, where there is lot of heat and is a very congested place since there is not a lot of room for the feet as the shoe always sticks to the feet, this is why cotton is more preferred cause as I already mentioned they are a cool and light material which makes them insulate the heat in your feet, basically cotton would do a better job at protecting your feet from heat than other material, cotton socks are easy to wash and can be thrown in washing machine since they can be folded easily unlike other material which can’t be folded easily, cotton doesn’t stink, which is the main point cause after a while your feet tend to sweat and stink and cotton does a prefect job, and cotton is low maintenance since it’s easy to wash.


The Benefit Of Cotton Clothing

Cotton is the most widely used fiber in the world. Cotton is grown for the purpose of textile manufacture above all other uses. This article is about the benefits of cotton and hence the reason cotton is the natural choice for textile manufacture and its other uses.

ts-designs-homegrown-organic-cotton-2Benefits of Cotton

1. Cotton is good for breathability.It aids in moisture control. It is absorbent and hence very easily removes moisture from the body. This is why cotton is the perfect material for a towel.
2. Cotton is the perfect insulating material (in terms of clothing). When it is hot, cotton provides the perfect protection. The same goes for when it is cold—cotton keeps the body heat inside.
3. It is rare to find someone who is allergic to cotton.
4. Cotton is the perfect weatherproof material. It can be finished into various weatherproof fabrics.
5. Because cotton stretches easily and is soft, it provides extreme comfort in clothing
6. Cotton makes some very durable textiles—garments that are able to withstand the test of time, among other things.
For all these reasons, cotton makes the perfect material for clothing. Cotton is the natural choice when looking for material for making clothing.

Its durability alone makes it a good choice. Because it is durable, it can withstand many washes—even with hot water. It can take a beating from sunlight, wind and other elements.

The fibers of cotton clothing keep the material itself suspended from the wearer’s skin. As a result, a region of air is created, which allows the wearer to avoid feeling overly hot or overly cold in extreme temperatures.

Cotton can take about a fifth of its total mass in moisture. This means that it can take a lot of water without damaging the fibers. It can, in fact, take a lot of water before it actually begins feeling damp. This is in stark contrast to many other materials, which get damp so quickly.

Cotton, then, is the best material for clothing. It is the natural choice and it is, for the above and many other reasons, good for our health.



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Cotton Sock Care Tips


Keeping your feet sweat free is important especially on hot summer days.Fungus and infection tend to hit you feet rather fast and a cotton sock is a blessing to have on-Cotton socks help keep your feat cool and reduce sweat accumulation. It insulates heat and helps in keeping your feet rather well ventilated compared to other socks. You will also find cotton socks being much more comfortable in other ways as well-Cotton tends to be soft and rarely itches ,unlike wool,and hence is more comfortable.It should also be noted that while people tend to allergic to wool,the same can rarely ever be said for cotton.It is also washing machine-friendly.Along with all these benefits comes the fact that cotton is just much more popular than other materials in terms of socks.This leads to there being a wider variety,in terms of size and color, of sock to choose from.


With such benefits at your disposal,it is best to take care of your sock so it would be of use to you longer.One of the most important things to take care of when dealing with cotton socks is that it should not be exposed to unwanted amounts of heat.Since it is being worn mainly in summer it already deals with quite a bit of heat and there is no need to add more. This means the sock must be washed in cold water and must not be ironed.Drying them in the sun,however,is OK. Another thing to remember is to avoid any strong chemicals when washing the sock.It is best to use mild detergent to cleanse it.Also do not attempt to dry clean the sock.Socks are made elastic to better fit you and wringing them to get rid of water also causes it to lose this elasticity.Squeeze the sock to dry it and,whether folded or rolled up,keep it in pairs Another important step to keep the socks in good condition is to keep your toe clean and your toe nails short.Good hygiene does go a long way.


15104013_2_Indian Raw Cotton

The Benefits Of Cotton Socks That Is Soft and Good feeling

15104013_2_Indian Raw Cotton

Socks are an essential piece of clothing. Globally cotton socks are considered to be most popular due to their cheap cost and the comfort they offer. They offer comfort through the soft feeling they provide to the wearer. Additionally, cotton socks are usually made from natural fibres; hence, they have a high absorbency rate and they also allow the skin to breathe. They also have different ranges that it is in regards to style and price. A pair of cotton socks comes in three main designs the knee sock, ankle sock and the crew sock.

Moreover, cotton socks offer more benefits than socks made from other fibres.These advantages include being cheap and locally available,hypoallergenic meaning they have no irritating effect, are natural in nature thus comfortable and warm, are very strong, they are easy to wash and care for compared to other socks and they always stay in shape despite prolonged wear. Cotton socks are, therefore, of great importance if worn during low physical activity.


Various guidelines are of significance when choosing the best cotton socks. These guidelines are also determined by the occasion on which the socks will be worn. They include:

Blend- the best cotton socks are those made by mixing cotton with another man-made fibre such as lycra. Such a blend helps maintain shape thus providing a comfortable fit. Blending also improves absorption rates and also ease of maintenance.

Color- Cotton socks come in various colors and patterns. They often come in colors such as brown, white, green and black Choose socks according to your preference and also the ease in washing.


Absorbency- The feet always perspire a lot hence a combination of the wet skin and sweat causes blisters.

Therefore, cotton socks help in trapping moisture from the feet thus providing a soft feeling.

Style- the best cotton socks can be chosen by considering the style. The style is usually influenced by a person’s preference. Cotton socks styles include casual socks, athletic and support socks.

It is,therefore, important that while shopping for the best cotton socks, to always consider their benefits and the best steps to follow as you choose.